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What is Patient Engagement?

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Patient Engagement Systems® (PES) is a nationally recognized healthcare services company dedicated to supporting its customers’ goal of helping people with chronic diseases, specifically diabetes and chronic kidney disease, improve their health, and reduce costs with demonstrated ROIs of greater than 15:1. PES provides medical groups, IPAs, health plans, health systems and government agencies with a suite of automated patient engagement tools, timely clinical decision support and the analytics needed to better identify, manage and monitor these high cost patients.

PES’s signature platforms include the Diabetes Patient Engagement System℠, a chronic care management and patient engagement technology developed and tested in a five-year National Institutes of Health funded study that verified care process improvements and cost reductions, the Chronic Kidney Disease Patient Engagement System℠ and the ESRD Prevention Program℠. PES is an IBM Global Entrepreneurial Partner, and is a 2011 URAC Bronze Awardee for Best Practice in Health Care Consumer Empowerment and Protection. PES offers its customers an easy to use, low-cost and proven technology. There is no data entry required and communications to the patient and provider are fully automated. As a result, there is no change in practice patterns, and doctors don’t have to learn new technology skills. In addition because PES is offered as a SAAS solution, there is no upfront IT investment.



Our mission is to engage patients and providers with the right information, at the right time, to do the right thing, driving up quality and driving down the cost of care.


The company evolved out of a five-year, University of Vermont and National Institutes of Health research project. The project was designed to test ways to improve the care of patients with diabetes.

University of Vermont Medical school faculty members Benjamin Littenberg, MD and Charles MacLean, MD, are both internists who care for many diabetic patients in their practices. They also conduct research focused on ways to improve primary care. Often, this means trying to close the gap between established best practices and what actually happens in the real world. They had developed a local solution to the problem of keeping their patients' care on track, and were looking for ways to improve and scale up their systems. A five-year, $1.2 million NIH grant allowed them to do that.

The publication of the results, showing significant improvements in care and major cost savings, spurred the formation of the company. Subsequent analyses of paid health insurance claims and hospital discharge records confirmed the savings in reduced inpatient and emergency room utilization, as well as total cost savings.

The system initially developed by Drs. Littenberg and MacLean was named "VDIS," for Vermont Diabetes Information System. When the company was formed as a corporation, it was called "Vermedx," for "VERmont MEDical data eXchange." However, it was the power of patient engagement that the research project had tapped, hence the company's name today.




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