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Improve Care, Add Value

Innovative healthcare organizations know that patient engagement is more than messaging, portals and content broadcasts. It's about:

  • Motivating members to take an active role in managing their care
  • Helping patients understand choices that are consistent with standard guidelines of care
  • Delivering improved clinical outcomes that support clinical and financial goals

PES partners with healthcare organizations that share the goal of effectively engaging patients and providers to improve care. PES technology enhances the value and effectiveness of chronic care management services and primary care improvement initiatives, and new care models such as patient centered medical homes and accountable care organizations.

Electronic Health Records Providers

Electronic health records (EHR) providers are positioned to become a cornerstone of medical care. PES helps innovative EHR companies expand their clinical content and patient outreach capabilities by offering clinical decision support and patient engagement utilities for chronic care management.

PES is capable of integrating seamlessly with EHR systems at both data and content levels. PES also can help meet Meaningful Use benchmarks, regulatory requirements, and specific contracting provisions for chronic care management.

Population Health Management Companies

PES supports a collaborative model for creating greater engagement among patients, providers and care managers. Progressive population health and disease management companies can integrate PES with their services to better engage high-risk patients to improve health outcomes and reduce costs.


Clinical Laboratories

Clinical laboratories increase the visibility of their services among healthcare providers and patients. As patient engagement technology and practices become a new standard among healthcare providers, and consumer initiatives require individual patient access to their lab data, clinical laboratories can expand their capabilities in this value-added area to broaden their appeal to provider clients.

Health Plans

As a result of Health Care reform, health plans are actively implementing financial risk-based contracts and participating in the development of new delivery models such as Patient Centered Medical Homes and Accountable Care Organizations. Each new system of care requires better engagement between the patient and provider. Health plans are depending on this engagement to result in more appropriate care, better outcomes and lower costs. Plans will also directly benefit from member engagement, which leads to greater member satisfaction and retention. If you would like more information on how partnering with PES can help your organization, please contact us.

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