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PES in Your Practice

Clinically Proven, Financially Significant, Easy to Use


Implementation of the PES solution is straightforward. No new hardware, software or personnel are needed. PES fits into your existing workflow with minimal training and staff support.

PES automatically collects clinical data and compiles a repository. From this repository, the system generates and delivers clinical reports and information to providers, as well as alerts and reminders to patients. Through this service, PES can enhance the analytical and messaging capabilities of EHR and other clinical systems.

  • No clinician data entry requirements
  • Easy to use
  • Quick and timely access to important information
  • Enhances existing EHR assets


PES helps physicians and other healthcare providers translate best practices guidelines for the care of chronic diseases into improved outcomes for their patients.

Physician contracting organizations, such as Independent Practice Associations(IPA), Physician Hospital Organizations (PHO), and Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), also gain from PES's ability to increase engagement between patients and providers. The engagement is a critical step to improving the treatments received by patients with chronic diseases. Engaged patients better understand the risks associated with not adhering to their treatment plan, and have a higher rate of compliance with clinical instructions. PES helps provider organizations manage cost and quality. This capability is especially important to organizations that operate under shared risk or shared savings contracts. By improving patient experiences and measurable health outcomes, PES allows provider organizations to meet established benchmarks and guidelines set by regulatory agencies, state and federal government, and payers.


PES helps physicians be more efficient and effective in the care of their patients with chronic disease. The result is more positive outcomes for patients and reduced costs. This makes it easier for practices to meet the performance guidelines of pay-for-performance, Medicare Five-Star, and other quality-oriented programs.

HIPAA Compliant

All aspects of the PES program are HIPAA compliant.

For more information on how partnering with PES can help your organization, please contact us.

NIH Study on Diabetes Patient Engagement System
The Diabetes Patient Engagement System® (DPES) is the only commercially available chronic care management and patient engagement platform proven in a National Institutes of Health funded study to improve the quality of patient care and reduce costs. Results from the peer-reviewed, randomized, controlled, clinical trial showed significant improvements in the process of care improvements by reducing emergency room visits by 28% and inpatient admissions by 15%.









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